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Friday, October 06, 2006

Now I'm mad!

I mentioned earlier that I'm grinding coffee beans into measured quantities for the coffee bar here at work and so far, the response from the coffee drinkers has been very positive. Except that there is one person, who has decided to customize the quantity of grounds going into the basket... Twice today I've gone down there to find partial baggies sitting on the counter. The second time it was after I put a polite reminder on the storage box to just use one baggie per pot!

Crap! I've sent out an email to the folks that are regular members of the coffee fund but I guess I am going to have to send out a building-wide email after lunch asking folks to comply or carry a thermos jug. What a load of crap that some people think they have to be "special" or that simple rules of politeness don't apply to them. Its just dumbass!

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